The wonderful benefits of eggshells for your garden

Eggshells are rich in calcium, good for plants, after eating the egg yolk, please do not discard the eggshell because we will show you tips to use the eggshell optimally.

Method 1: Fight snails with eggshells

Snails are molluscs, so they are afraid of the sharp edges of the eggshell. Instead of throwing away, you can crush eggshells, sprinkle them on the ground, near snails or in foam containers, plastic pots for growing vegetables. This method will limit them from attacking the vegetable garden, biting young plants, but only effective for small gardens or ornamental plants.

Method 2:  Fertilizing from eggs

Eggshell has 95% Calcium Carbonate and a large amount of Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus… These substances are good for plant growth, stimulate root development, so they can be reused as fertilizer.

Two ways to create this fertilizer include:

  • Grind (or crush) eggshells (or both eggshells and eggy yolk ) and then mix with soil to plant or compost. The grinding makes the eggshells easy to break down and become a source of additional minerals for the soil. In addition, they also keep the soil porous, helping plants grow better.
  • Make fertilizer from eggshells combined with banana peels. While eggshells contain many minerals, calcium, banana peels are a rich source of potassium and phosphorus for the soil, helping plants grow strong and produce sweet fruit. You just need to cut the banana peel, grind it with the eggshell, add a little water or rice water if needed. This mixture can be used as a fertilizer for plants or mixed with soil for new plants.

Method 3: Make a Seed Pot

Instead of discarding, eggshells can be modified to make mini plant pots to sow seeds. You just need to use the tip of a knife or scissors to poke small holes in the shell to drain water when watering, then put the soil in to sow the seeds. Sprouting seeds can also plant eggshells in the ground, helping seedlings grow faster. In addition to seed plants, this idea is also suitable for spice plants.

Method 6: Make a solution for watering plants from eggshells

In addition to grinding eggshells and mixing them into the soil, you can make a watering solution for plants to add nutrients and help the soil become fertile. You can take advantage of old jars, put eggshells in and add warm water, soak for about 4 weeks and then mix this solution with water for irrigation at the ratio “1:4” to water the plants.

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