The intersection of eco-friendly lifestyle and minimalist lifestyle

First of all, we want to analyze with you and give a consensual view of two of the many lifestyles that are very popular nowadays. We would like to mention the eco-friendly lifestyle and the minimalist lifestyle, in a variety of lifestyles, each person will choose a lifestyle with a very different reason and concept. So what do we have in common, or we are just isolated individuals full of loneliness on Earth?!

On ecological life:

Ecological life or it can be called by many other names such as “green lifestyle”, “going green”, “ecological life”… it is “a lifestyle in which each individual makes sustainable choices”. “Sustainability” is an extremely heavy factor, which involves countless responsibilities such as “minimizing harmful impacts on the environment, protecting the environment but still satisfying the needs of the present without affecting the environment and influence future generations… “.

However, we forget to ask a basic question “Does the environment really need us to be protected?”

You must have heard of Chernobyl – the most serious nuclear disaster in history caused by the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This disaster occurred in 1986 and emitted four hundred times more radiation than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima (Japan) in 1945. Until now, this area is still within the zone. strict access restrictions and no (human) inhabitants. So, after the disaster, forecasts predict that the area will become a desert, devoid of wildlife for many centuries – the time it takes for radioactive compounds to be released, degradable and disappear from the environment. However, after just 35 years, the severely restricted Chernobyl zone, in Ukraine and Belarus, is home to more than 200 different species of animals. Currently Chernobyl has excellent biodiversity, stable plant and animal populations and can live within the restricted access zone without the major negative effects of current radiation levels.

So nature doesn’t need us to “protect”, the Chernobyl disaster is a prime example of how if humans stop affecting the environment, nature will recover, at an even faster rate than scientific simulations. Ecological life, in fact, does not necessarily mean protecting the environment, but first of all. it is protecting one’s life, every day, every hour. Approaching from this perspective, you will understand that ecological life is a right, a privilege because you do it for yourself, to continue to breathe fresh air, to drink clean water, to eat delicious foods, to enjoy food. a variety of creatures instead of feeling the pressure of the responsibilities of the exaggeration.

On the minimalist life:

According to Sasaki Fumio – author of the book “The Japanese Minimalist Lifestyle”: “Minimalism is a lifestyle that minimizes objects for the home, keeping only the most essential elements. The benefits of this lifestyle are not only external benefits such as open space, ease of cleaning … but also our souls ”.

Or to put it in a nutshell,

“Minimalism is about removing unnecessary things, creating an orderly living space from which even life becomes simpler.”

This lifestyle can be applied in many aspects of life such as:

  • Minimize information: Select useful and positive information to follow.
  • Minimize relationships: Focus time on close relationships “quality over quantity”.
  • Minimalist entertainment: select programs that in addition to entertainment also bring human values, knowledge values ​​…
  • Minimalist items: instead of buying 10 cheaps but rarely used clothes, you buy 3 better quality clothes that can be combined easily, the shelf life is even longer…

But you are wrong to devote most of your mind to the detailed “skill sets” above, we are easily satisfied when we practice the habit of a seemingly minimalist life. We are focusing too much on the “how” rather than the “goal”. The ultimate goal of minimalism is not to “purify” the furniture in the house, to eliminate a long list of friends on social networks… but to purify one’s mind. When you focus too much on how to do it, you realize that you have strayed from your destination. The true essence of a minimalist lifestyle is a philosophy to support the value of life, the value of life does not depend entirely on money and material things, but also on how you live, how you achieve your goals. your own goals, enjoy life too!

About our idea:

We are not here to analyze your lifestyle, or to try to spread a new minimalist and ecological lifestyle. We have only a small desire to support you on the long path to tranquillity. No matter what path (lifestyle) you choose, the destination is always within you.

“Peace comes from within. Don’t look for it outside.” – Buddha

Our main task is to listen and fulfil all your wishes, in order to quickly and promptly provide all the products for a journey towards awakening. With listening and receptivity, we hope to be able to provide you with the “means” to get closer to the lifestyle you are looking for.

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