Sustainable bottles made of soap

When plastic is a material with low cost and low processing cost, brands have chosen it as the leading method to produce eye-catching product packaging, but few people suspect that it is this convenient. is slowly destroying human life. It is estimated that every year 553 million bottles of shampoo are thrown away, and each person will use an average of nearly 800 plastic shampoo bottles over their lifetime. Only a few of those are put into recycling, while the majority will be scattered everywhere.
Soapack is a product of Mi Zhou, the bottle is moulded with soap. This bottle can be used to store shampoo, personal care products and can be used for decorative purposes, depending on the preferences of the consumer. Each Soapack is created with soaps derived from vegetable oils and dyes derived from minerals, plants, and flowers, all formed in a mould, similar to the process of making ceramics.
To prevent it from melting when it comes in contact with water or the liquid inside leaking out, the product is covered with a layer of beeswax outside to ensure it remains intact until the solution in the bottle is used up.