Green Minimal Lifestyle / Sustainable

 We aim for sustainability in our lives, in people and in products. Green living is understood as an environmentally friendly way of life, minimizing the amount of personal waste discharged into the environment by the daily routine.

5Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Refuse)

The life cycle of each item, long or short, is determined by the owner, the user. But most of all, our supplier look to 5Rs with the following actions:

Reduce the amount of unnecessary supplies and the amount of waste produced.

Reuse what can be in the process of producing and supplying customers.

Recycle the materials and bring new ideas to reuse, helping customers save more.

Repair old items to increase life span or renew it.

Refuse  what creates waste and or is not needed.


We care about the minimalism, because in the minimal there is just enough. As we waste more, we lose more balance from within ourselves. But when we begin to live in minimalism and equilibrium state in our daily routine at home, at work, in society, and in the environment, we will feel happier because we have more time to enjoy life.


We care about quality products and value from Vietnamese people to the international community. In addition, artisan product is also a way to save energy and protect the environment.