Ooho sustainable packaging – an innovative alternative to plastic bottles

Ooho – an innovative solution to replace plastic bottles and reduce environmental pollution, this idea comes from London-based Skipping Rocks Laboratory.
They used a technique known as “sphericization” (a technique widely used in cooking) to bring the water inside. Ooho uses a dual membrane to contain water based on two ingredients: sodium alginate, a natural thickener (E-401) from algae, and calcium chloride (E-509). Both compounds combine to create a transparent gel wall, which acts as an elastic membrane and holds water inside. To protect it, the company used a second layer of film that functions as a packaging to ensure hygiene, which is not edible, but biodegrades itself after 4-6 weeks. We just need to remove the outer shell and the rest is 100% edible.
What’s more, this solution can also be used for other liquids, including soft drinks, alcohol, etc. In addition, the material they are made of is much cheaper than plastic, so making Ooho costs very little.
If used and developed more widely, this solution could prevent 1 billion plastic bottles from appearing in the ocean and end up emitting 300 million kg of CO2 annually. The company is also working on transporting water using the Ooho method to countries with limited access to water, and if successful, it will bring great progress for people. What do you think about this invention?

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