How to plant and grow Sweet Potatoes

Has your avocado tree already sprouted? Do you feel the joy of waiting for each sprout to grow every day? Today, let’s explore another type of green plant at home. It’s sweet potato !!!

The sweet potato is very popular in Asian countries, in Latin America, it is a starchy food used as much as potatoes in Europe or America. You can find sweet potatoes in supermarkets or Asian grocery stores.


1 potato: The right size and shape you like.

1 glass cup is slightly larger than the diameter of a potato.

A toothpick or a small skewer.

1 pot for plant the sweet potato tree if you want to decorate your home.

How to grow sweet potatoes

STEP 1: Thoroughly wash the sweet potato and skewer 3 toothpicks evenly in the center of the potato. Then put the potato in a glass cup. Fill the cup with water so that half of the potato is under the water and the other half is on top.

STEP 2: Place the sweet potato cup in a sunny spot, regularly providing water to help the potato get enough moisture. The tubers will start sprouting after about 1 week and some young leaves after about 2 weeks.

STEP 3: If you enjoy growing aquatic sweet potatoes, leave it as is. After about a month, the leaves of the tree are already lush.

STEP 4: If you want to plant sweet potatoes in a clay pot, when the sprouts have young leaves and some roots appear, gently separate the sprouts and roots from the tubers. Then put the seedling in a cup of warm water so that the roots are submerged, soak for about 1 day to make the roots grow longer.

Plant thesweet potato plant in a pot and care it frequently.


When the plant has grown high, if you don’t want it overgrow, you can use scissor to cut the top of the tree and make a delicious dish with the sweet potato leaves.