How to grow an avocado tree from seed at home

Once you’ve finished your avocado, you can save the avocado seed for planting trees. You will need to plant the avocado seeds in water until they sprout, then you need to plant the sprout in the ground. If you don’t have a spacious garden, you can make a bonsai to decorate the interior. If you have a spacious garden, you can take care of your avocado tree until it bears fruit!

STEP 1: Wash and dry the seed. Then peel off the outer shell of the seed and skewer 3-4 symmetrical toothpicks in the center of the seed to secure it when inserted into the cup.

STEP 2: Soak the seed in the cup so that the water is half full. Move the cup to a place with plenty of light (change the water every day to avoid mold and bacteria).

STEP 3: After 4-8 weeks a crack forms, small roots begin to appear on the bottom. Note that after the roots have elongated, a sprout begins to emerge from the top of the avocado seed, this time you need to keep the roots submerged in water.

STEP 4: When the roots reach about 2.5 cm in length, they are fully grown. At this point you need to move the avocado seed out of the cup of water, gently remove the toothpicks. Plant half of the avocado seed in the ground and leave the other half out of the ground. Put the pot in a place with lots of sunlight. Water regularly (when the leaves turn light yellow it means that the plant is soaked with water, stop watering for a few days).

STEP 5: When the tree gets 30cm tall, remove the top of the leaves. Keep growing the tree to another 6 cm, then cut off the top of the leaves (this helps the avocado tree growing more branches and becomes more lush).

STEP 6: Persevere in caring for 3-4 years after the tree begins to bear fruits.

Be patient, you will see miracles




















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