How To Go Zero Waste While Living At Home.

Whether you’re a student, in college or just living at home, you don’t have to wait until you’re on your own to start living the low waste life of your dreams.

The biggest problem with living at home is that you’re most likely not the one making the purchases and buying the groceries. Therefore you have no control over how they’re bought. You can start by having an honest conversation with your parents or whoever is making purchases. Tell them why this matter is important to you and give them some easy tips such as bringing their own bags to the grocery store. But ultimately, you can’t control their decisions. But you can control yours. These are easy tips that anyone, of any age, can do while living at home to prevent waste.

1. Use what you have

It can feel like a necessity to go out and buy all the perfect looking zero waste items, but chances are you’ve got a drawer full of Tupperware and some reusable water bottles lying around the house. While plastic isn’t ideal, if it’s reusable, use it! It’s way cheaper than purchasing brand new and a lot better for the environment because you’re using what’s already on this earth. Check your cupboards and drawers for reusable containers, water bottles, coffee mugs and you can even take some cutlery from your drawer to use as travel cutlery to avoid using plastic ones while on the go.

2. Pack your own lunch 6. Beauty and personal care

Whether you’re still in school, going to college or going to work, you can pack your own lunch. Ditch the plastic wraps and ziplock bags and use reusable containers for your food, snacks, and drinks.

3. Use a reusable water bottle

Wherever you’re going make sure to bring a water bottle to avoid needing a disposable one!

4. Bring your own “to-go” supplies

Whether you’re going to school, work or going out with your friends, always be prepared with your little to-go kit. This can include things you can find around your house! Like I mentioned, grabbing cutlery from the drawer for when eating out, using a reusable mug when going out for coffee and even bring a container for leftovers when eating out.

5. Thrift

If you buy your own clothes opt to buy second hand instead of brand new. This helps keep clothing out of landfills and it’s a super affordable option. It’s a really affordable option, especially if you’re still in school and arguably the most sustainable one when it comes to clothing.

6. Beauty and personal care

Try to go for plastic-free products when and if you can. Like bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo and soap bars. Even your makeup. Opt for a glass foundation bottle that can be recycled rather than a plastic tube, etc.

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