We’re passionate to share our stories, to together promote and practice a less-waste, less-plastic, more sustainable together. We have listed some of the ways we can work together below. If you’ve got another suggestions, please drop us a line to bs.greenlife@gmail.com – we would love to discuss your project.


If you’re looking for someone to share real stories in starting up a green business, doing something that matters, making positive changes from everyday life, then we’re keen to participate to share and inspire. Our goal is leave audience feeling insprised to make changes, not overwhelmed or defeated before they even being in the journey of living more sustainably. That means we focus on the positives, practical information, how-to’s, and simple actionable steps. We can share in a Panel Discussion or a Speech in 20 – 60 minutes in English or Italian, to different audience groups like Students, Professionals, Corporates.


We love to share, producing content, and writing about sustainanle, conscious consumptions through simple actions in daily life for different audience groups. If you are looking for someone to collaborate to write about green living style, we’re here to help too. In a mean time, please feel free to check our our social media channels to see types of contents we usually produce.


There is no better way to learn than to actually do things. DIY Workshops are a risk-free approaching for us to learn with others and gain a new skill, as well as a fun activitiy to participate in. This will give you a chance to experience the making process and products first-hand, and feeling more confident about developing your own skills at home through peer learning. If you’re looking for someone to collaborate for some DIY Workshop with the theme promoting green living style, please drop us a line. We’ll be thrilled to collaborate.


If you’re organising some events on the theme of sustainable living, less-waste consumption, and looking for some partner to support from inkind sponsorships to contributing as speakers, panelists, judges, ambassadors, advisors, please do let us know. We may not be able to support to all the proposed events, but we will try to look for the way to advise or support or connecting you with potentially other supporters.