Green Life is a place for those who are interested in a green, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of life. At Green Life, you will feel happiness, love and gratitude for the products made by Vietnamese people for the benefit of the community and for a simple and healthful lifestyle.


We aim for sustainability in our lives, in people and in products. Green living is understood as an environmentally friendly way of life, minimizing the amount of personal waste discharged into the environment by the daily routine.


Reusing an item means that it continues to be a valuable, useful, productive item. Our products can be reusable, so it provides an excellent environmentally protection, because it reduces air, water and land pollution.


Our products are hand-made by Vietnamese. We care about quality products and values from Vietnamese to the international community. In addition, artisan product is also a way to save energy and protect the environment.


Our product items are biodegradable, that can be broken back down into their component parts over time by the action of biological organisms and processes. They do so into harmless, nontoxic elements, results in far less environmental pollution.